Sunday 30 November 2008


Question of the Hour:

Whom should i blame?



B) Muslims

C) The Politicians

D) The Armed forces and Police

E) The Media

F) Myself (The common Indian)

Let’s analyse the options one by one

a)Pakistan: the so called hub of Terrorism.

Answer: NO

reason: I feel its like blaming my professor and the course plan when i got a tough question paper at exam similar on previous patterns , instead of accepting that i was unprepared and didn't burn the midnight oil even after knowing the eventful.

So i blame % attribute to this is 10%,as they have someway supported and nourished these jehadis.

b)Muslims: the community breeding terror we say.

Answer: a BIG NO

reason:I have been with muslims and have many friend in that community i dunno find them any similar to these ppl. I don't find any terrorist attack where only hindus,christans,sikhs,paris died and not muslims.Whenever someone died in these unfortunate events was an innocent Indian and dear heart of a mother and backbone of family.

So i blame % attribute to this is 1%,as they are simple god fearing ppl whose young ones are brainwashed in the name of god/lure of money, so easily for reasons that always haunt a multi-religion country. Blaming them is like Australian team fined for slow over-rate and ponting saying that it’s indian batsman and the support staff of third world country lead to that.

c)The Politicians:The ppl chosen by the ppl for ppl

Answer: prima facia may be a yes


50 years on still we live in a dark age.An age of nepotism,castism,leader born due the blood belong rather than their idealism,regionalism,death of secularism and an era of broken faith in democratic demonism.

What is the sketch of them either a criminal or his father was politician so his son, and blab blah blah a lot to talk but not the right now.

But how they come to power they represent 20% of the constitution they come from as only 50% vote,then this vote divided into 10-12 contestants fighting for their pocket, their cast, their religion, their locality rather for india.

But then what voters expect from them

Free Food, Free Home, Free power, Reserved jobs, free education that also not for all rather only for them, their family and community.

Concluding that Politicians are the average image of an Indian mental state,social stature,global awareness.

So i blame % attribute to this is 33%,as they have someway supported and nourished these jehadis.

d) The Armed forces and Police: the corrupt breed as we say

Answer: No not all

Answer:Its them because of them we are not slaves again to others be it pakistan,china,bangladesh. They have made us proud each and every moment in the need of hour taking bullet on their chest. It we who have forgotten their sacrifice every time under mining the risk they take,ignoring their social plight,pulling them for watever they do correct or sometimes incorrect, not supporting investigations and discussing the cost spent on them rather the sacrifice they put.We know from childhood that they need good laws, good support, good leaders, good infrastucture, faith of ppl but what we have given

Blame,Blame,Balme and Blame. Utterly shameful.

So i blame % attribute to this is 0.1%,as They do what best we(the society) allow to do them.

e) The Media: the Face of Indian thoughts and attitude

Answer:Shockingly Not a NO,a sad hearted yes


What this media is doing breaking shatterd glasses into breaking news. The majority of them plagued by the breaking news syndrome,yellow journalism, a bite in any thing is news who cares about the truth and f***i** facts.The media has created a news of their own just for TRPs where news readers/reporters, blowing every bubble beyond their proportions.

Though the face has changed but just a tip of ice , rest is the same old sour cake.Last but not the least the attitude needs to be changed, the face of India needs a makeover.

So i blame % attribute to this is 20%,as they had they have brought postives out of negatives, have the fulled the the things to their ends a lots would have been changed.

f) Myself: Me the Proud Indian(or NOT)

Answer: Yes , A Bold and Clear YES


Because I am at the root of all options cited above Except pakistan :)(may be in someway in that too).

Be it the community,politics,media,army,police i am part of everyone of them.They represent me rather i potray them./

What an average indian thinks/rather what i think?

A life with every bread and butter reserved for me.

Dreams: get educated get a govt job get ur returns in multiples or runaway to USA/UK.

The Politician of my cast and religion is better what if he is anti social or politics is piggy affair stay away from it.

The Police that protects me from everything even when i expliot and enroach the freedom of my own brother/mohter.

The a flick on Media that will make me STAR in minutes.

Why i am like this?

Am i still in the slavery mode the difference is now i am political slave / clerical salve / intelligent slave serving ohter nations.

I can't become a leader may be because my education can produce only clerks ,may be i believe the only nehru family can be the leaders , may be i believe i can't change here become NRI enjoying things out there these bloody slaves will connect with you if you succeed even if you have kicked them long back,may i believe every made in india is waste, its imported that counts be it food,cloth,nationality,media,awards watever , i desire to be accepted by the west rather from my ppl.

Doing this long self-analysis i am getting more ashamed as the % of blame to this options grows heavily.

So i blame % attribute to this is 70%,as It me the INDIAN who is to be blamed noone else who dreams to be the world power BUT doesn't want to burn his fingers,swim thru the ocean to the island, fight his way to his idealogy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Swaraj ,
its really good to know that u came on last point early, but yes tell me thing i saw lot of people who are isolated .frustrated .and always belongs to ownself,took a board on his cycle or vehicle and saying that stop pollution ,stop corruption,and stop blah blah,definitely they are not thinking in terms of family belongs to 3 or 4 person,they belongs to catagory where all humen is part of one family,but one who took one step for this is courageous.
But see work on own self and work on others is two end of one rod.Isn't
so yes as a humen being we are responsible for ourselves.
But yes accourding to your action people will not change and yes who are supporting to u already changed person,so you have to go at ground level where you can work on others comfortably

Swaraj Bharti said...

Thanx for commenting on the issue.
I will not say that i trully understand wat you wanna convey here.
But all i want is to say that the Change is required in India on every front and the desire to do that is so evident.But these small bubbles burst, crying for some quality leaders.India need leaders,we always had lot of soldiers,

sbharti said...

these times are so difficult.. i'm also confused about whom to pick and whom to leave.. the way we existed before (pre-ind era).. the way we are growing now (too fast to slow down)..the way anti-indian (read pro-western) thoughts are present among the educated mass.. the path of poverty to prosperity is easier to achieve than realise it seems..

I think we are all victim of these difficult times.. the force of differences added by lust for more is creating a convection in our own society.. may be these are the ruins of colonisation which is echoing.. or effect of westernisation and globalisation.. and most notably, the rise of atheism.

Swaraj Bharti said...

Results of polls are out and a ray of hope seems to emerge out of it.
that is the petty issues like dividing people on the name of terrorism has failed.people has chosen development over terrorism.
hope ppl seems to come out of ages someday . :)